Happyveg Trading is a dealer of Ginegar Plastic products in the Eastern Cape. We have more than 20 years of experience with these high quality films. We are confident that if you install and maintain your Ginegar Film in the correct way, you will experience the benefits of these top of the range films.

Our range of films include the following properties:

  • 5 Layer Technology - Increased strength over conventional 3 layer films

  • Anti-Drip - Increased light transmision and reduced moisture on the crop 

  • Anti-Dust - Increased light transmision

  • Infra-Red - Thermic films which increase leaf temperature of the crop at night and protect crop from excessive temperatures in the day

  • Anti-Vector - UV blocking films which help decrease the populations of plant pests

  • UV Stabilization - New advanced UV stabilisers to enhance the films chemical resistance properties

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Ginegar Film

Ginegar Film

Ginegar Film

Ginegar Film

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